Prelude, part of Calendly

Prelude, part of Calendly

Remove friction from interview scheduling and deliver an incredible candidate experience with Prelude, part of Calendly.

About Prelude, part of Calendly

Prelude offers scheduling automation built for recruiting teams. We supercharge recruiting coordination for fast-growing teams like Airtable, Duolingo, and Cloudfare, enabling them to deliver a standout candidate experience that converts quality talent faster.

Integrate Prelude with Lever and use our browser extension to remove friction from recruiting logistics by connecting with and hiring top candidates faster.

Prelude, part of Calendly features

Reduce manual tracking and continually optimize recruiting processes

Connect your calendar and Lever ATS with Prelude to simplify your workflow, minimize time toggling between tabs, and update candidate records automatically.

Speed up the recruiting cycle and reduce time-to-fill

Fill talent pipeline faster, increase show rates, and screen and interview candidates more efficiently.

Coordinate multi-step candidate interviews in seconds

Pick your interview types, desired order, and required breaks, and let Prelude’s scheduling engine handle the rest while distributing interviews evenly with load balancing.

Automate key steps in your interview loop

Manage interviewer competencies, attributes, and time zones all in one place, so you can build fair and diverse interview panels – and efficient schedules – in minutes. Use scheduling templates to ramp new recruiting coordinators and interviewers faster.

Prelude Integrations

  • Calendars: G-Suite, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 365 GCC High, Microsoft Outlook Exchange
  • Video Conferencing and Chat: Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Slack
  • Technical Assessment Platforms: Codility, HackerRank, CoderPad, CodeSignal
  • SSO: Okta, Ping


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