The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index

People are the heart of your business. Hire the right people, inspire their best work, design dream teams, and sustain engagement for the long haul.

About The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index believes people data should guide every step of an employee’s journey, from the first interview to the big promotion. To start, recruit the right candidate for each job with PI Hire. PI helps you narrow down your field of applicants with behavioral data backed by over 60 years of science.

PI Hire promotes exceptional hiring in three simple steps. It enables your hiring teams to:

  • Identify the ideal behavioral traits for an open position
  • Understand your candidate pipeline
  • Secure the right fit - every time.

A seamless integration that enables PI test initiation from Lever and multiple reports/guides/scores returned to Lever. The Predictive Index<>Lever integration enables you to initiate the assessment request from Lever and have the results returned to Lever. Supported assessments include Cognitive or Cognitive + Behavioral. Results returned can include a Behavioral report, Interview Guide, Behavioral score, Cognitive score, Fit scores, and the PI Reference Profile.

The Predictive Index features

  • Recruiters can move the candidate to a specific status in Lever to initiate the PI assessment for the candidate.
  • Upon completion of the assessment, a report link can be updated on the Recruiting Workflow in Lever or the report can be attached as a PDF.
  • If using PI Job Targets assigned to Lever requisitions, then PI Job Fit Scores will be brought into Lever.
  • The integration will detect whether a candidate has already completed the PI assessment for your company and will return the candidate’s - previously completed PI assessment results to the Lever Recruiting Workflow.

This integration is built by Joynd. To take advantage of this integration you'll need to become a customer of both Joynd and PI. A one-time Joynd Setup Fee (could be waived based on company size) and an Annual Joynd Subscription Fee (calculated based on PI subscription size and type of PI assessments) also apply

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