Bring the best people into your organization with Pillar, an interview intelligence platform.

About Pillar

Pillar empowers teams to hire the right talent effectively, efficiently, and equitably. Pillar works seamlessly within current hiring workflows, guiding skills-based interviewing while recording and transcribing interviews. Say goodbye to the days of chasing down interviewers for candidate feedback, say hello to in-interview reactions that feed directly into Lever. With Pillar, every team can hire with confidence through our 3 “pillars” of interview intelligence, interviewer coaching, and DEI.

Pillar features

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Pillar helps companies save time and money

  • $32K cost savings per role hired – 50% of all hires don’t work out and leave within 12 months. Pillar cuts the failure rate of hiring in half.
  • 33% increase in candidate acceptance rates – Pillar coaches team members to improve and grow in their interviewing skills, leading to better candidate experiences.
  • 1-2 weeks in time savings per role hired – Pillar reduces the number of interviews required and uncovers the right candidate faster.

Interview Intelligence

  • Interviewers can provide live feedback on candidates related to the assigned skills during each interview, which directly feeds into Lever.
  • Pull candidates and roles from Lever to Pillar, saving time and letting hiring teams focus on selecting the right candidates every time.
  • Pillar captures a live stream of interviews conducted over video conferencing tools & phone screens to provide automated highlights that can be shared with members of the hiring team.
  • Pillar’s recorded interviews are automatically transcribed to text, eliminating the need for notetaking.
  • Hiring managers can determine which skills and questions each interviewer should focus on throughout the hiring process.
  • Hiring managers can compare candidates back to back based on feedback gathered and highlights generated in order to make a hiring decision.

Interviewer Coaching

  • Pillar coordinates interviews and question recommendations, helping hiring teams to execute better interviews and provide a better candidate experience.
  • Pillar provides in-app interviewer coaching and insights, including talk time, word usage, etc. so the entire hiring team can become “pro” interviewers.

DEI Impact

  • Pillar provides in-meeting guidance to ensure interviewers deliver a consistent, equitable hiring process to all candidates.
  • Pillar calculates candidate rankings based on interviewer feedback so hiring teams can make data-driven hiring decisions versus relying on gut feeling.
  • Pillar provides advocacy and transparency into diverse hiring decisions through post-interview recaps and highlight clips.


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