OfferZen is the developer hiring marketplace helping 2000+ companies accelerate their developer hiring. Companies get direct access to job-seeking developers and hire in 25 days on average.

About OfferZen

OfferZen is a developer hiring marketplace that helps companies accelerate their developer hiring. Our marketplace connects curated developers with exciting job opportunities at over 2000 companies in Europe and Africa, like Mercedes Benz, LexisNexis and eBay.

Companies on OfferZen can directly message developers with high job-seeking intent, with a 96% response rate in the first 48 hours and make a hire in 25 days on average.

Hiring teams can make unlimited hires across all the roles on OfferZen, saving up to 50% compared to traditional recruitment costs.

OfferZen features

OfferZen for employers

  • 800+ job seeking developers

  • 96% response rate in the first 48h

  • Create unlimited positions

  • Collaborate with the whole team with unlimited seats

  • Directly message software developers in your shortlist

  • Upfront developers’ details like salary and workplace preferences

  • Strategic success manager

OfferZen's integration with Lever allows companies to automatically add candidates from OfferZen to their Lever Recruiting pipeline.

This is a specialized integration that is built, managed, and supported by the OfferZen team. If you would like more information or help with this integration, please contact OfferZen.

How OfferZen works – The developer hiring marketplace

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