LeapGrad is a student-based professional networking site uniquely designed to solve the countless issues with today's job market. We enhance the job-seeking process for Gen Z students and the hiring process for employers.

About LeapGrad

LeapGrad Services:

  • On the student side of things, LeapGrad complements the current job-specific approach of most professional networking platforms by introducing features that promote personal growth beyond employment.

  • Additionally, whether it's through seamless integrations with ATS companies, a powerful built-in ATS, an extensive filter system, or the ability to engage with students through events, LeapGrad offers countless tools to help employers save time and money in their recruitment efforts.

LeapGrad features

  • LeapGrad features visually-appealing profiles for both students and employers, showcasing personalities and brands like never before.

  • LeapGrad also offers interest-based communities, where students, mentors, and employers can interact by sharing media, posting polls, asking questions, and even hosting and attending live events.

  • Recruiting can be a long and complicated process, but LeapGrad will make it look easy for employers. Our sophisticated ATS takes your custom-built candidate requirements and preferences and uses them to rank applicants and sort them into tiers.

  • For a more hands-on approach to recruiting, LeapGrad allows companies to find talent through our powerful and extensive filter system. You’ll also soon be able invite candidates to jobs and add them to custom-built pipelines.


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