Leap is a student-based professional networking platform uniquely designed to solve the countless issues with today's job market. We enhance the job-seeking process for Gen Z students & graduates and the hiring process for employers.

About Leap

Leap Services:

  • On the student side of things, Leap complements the current job-specific approach of most professional networking platforms by introducing features that promote personal growth beyond employment.
  • Additionally, whether it's through seamless integrations with ATS companies, a powerful built-in ATS, an extensive filter system, or the ability to engage with students through events, Leap offers countless tools to help employers save time and money in their recruitment efforts.

Leap features

For students:

  • Record reel-like videos answering personality-based questions that offer great insight into who you are.
  • Engage with others through a wide range of interest-based communities.
  • Showcase your talent and passion by uploading personal projects to your profile.
  • Automatically apply to relevant internships, co-ops, and true entry-level jobs.

For employers:

  • Our algorithm analyzes applicant profiles, ranks them by job fit, and automatically sorts them into tiers, so you might get to the very best candidates quicker than ever before.
  • Showcase your company’s brand with custom profile layouts that appeal to your audience.
  • Headhunt through our unique talent pool with the help of our 21 search filters, including diversity.
  • Get a feel for every applicant’s personality and their potential chemistry through video profiles.


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