Joonko provides a diversity recruiting software solution, aiding talent acquisition teams to enrich the top of their talent pipeline with underrepresented candidates.

About JoonKo

Joonko provides a uniques layer on top of Lever, which identifies and matches underrepresented, silver medalist talent to your open roles. Joonko's Zero-touch technology matches candidates' skills and professional background to relevant open positions at its talent ecosystem composed of +120 partnering companies. This enables talent acquisition managers to enrich the top of their talent pipeline with pre-qualified, underrepresented talent and exchange it with silver medalist candidates.

JoonKo features

Joonko enhances your employer brand and candidate experience with a customizable rejection letter, a DE&I mini site to showcase your organizational efforts towards an inclusive workforce, nurturing campaigns for stellar candidates and of course- performance and progress reports, alongside in-depth recommendations.


JoonKo screenshots

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