Automate your employee referral program and find hard to reach candidates through social networks

About JobVyne

JobVyne is an online platform that automates the entire employee referral process which increases the number of referrals, decreases time to hire, and increases the average length of employee tenure.

JobVyne integrates with Lever to capture open job positions and automatically send job applications back to Lever. Employees can generate unique job links to post on their social media profiles.

When a job seeker clicks on the link, they are brought to a customized job board which shows information about the company and the referring employee. Employers can track and analyze all referrals and automate referral bonus payouts.

JobVyne features

Leverage Your Employees’ Social Networks. Employees connect their social accounts, such as LinkedIn, and can automatically post the most recent jobs to their accounts. Each employee has a unique referral link used to track and payout referral bonuses.

Track and Analyze Your Referral Program. Dashboards and self-service analytics allow your HR team to determine which social channels and employees are the best at generating referrals. This can drive important decisions on how to invest valuable recruitment marketing dollars.

Connect With External Talent Pools. Choose from a growing marketplace of external recruiters and talent sources to connect with the most relevant talent pools and fill your positions faster.

JobVyne screenshots

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