Humbird AI

Humbird AI

An intuitive recruitment automation and CRM tool for modern recruiters.

About Humbird AI

Humbird AI is a recruitment automation and candidate relationship management solution. We automate the mundane at every stage of the recruitment process so recruiters can deliver seamless candidate experiences and fill jobs with the most deserving candidates, faster and free from bias.

With Humbird AI, you can engage candidates on SMS, WhatsApp or email with automated sequences. Time consuming and mundane tasks such as resume parsing and repetitive phone screening can be automated, thereby allowing recruiters to focus on more strategic and social aspects of their job.

Humbird AI features

By integrating with Lever, you can push contacts to specific jobs from Humbird AI.

All-in-one playbook. With Playbook, create a customized end-to-end recruitment process for every job opening. Based on the open position, you can pick the sourcing channel that will work, set up personalized outreach and follow-up emails, design customized evaluations, and even automate interview scheduling. Let Playbook do the hard work for you, so you can focus on finding the perfect candidate for your team.

Outreach sequences. Reach candidates where they are by sending messages via email, SMS, and WhatsApp. With our platform, you can easily add candidates to a sequence without worrying about their contact information. Simply click to fetch a contact's email and phone from across the internet and streamline your outreach efforts like never before.

Multi-channel shared inbox. You no longer have to swap between multiple communication apps. With a multi-channel shared inbox, manage and respond to all candidate's messages across various channels such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp from one location and ensure that no messages go unanswered.

Phone screening automation. Save time for important conversations by automating repetitive phone screening. Choose the channel that candidates prefer and share the screening questions as a survey or chatbot. View candidate responses and quickly qualify candidates in a single click.

Time-saving interview planner. Tired of sending back-and-forth emails to schedule interviews? Share the hiring manager's calendar directly with candidates and easily coordinate interview times with candidates. Track status, schedule follow-ups, and receive reminders, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

AI-based resume scoring. Hire bias-free with AI-based resume scoring. Define unique evaluation criteria based on your requirements for every role and assign weightage as you see fit. View detailed score breakdowns and advance candidates automatically.

Candidate journey automation. Enhance candidate experience with contextual actions. With the Journey feature in Humbird AI, you can automate tasks like initiating an email sequence, sending out a feedback survey, or performing any tasks based on the events across Humbird AI or any other tools in your recruiting stack and engage better with candidates.

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