Whats the point of sourcing talents with so much efforts and then rejecting them because of a bad haircut? No wins there. HulkHire ensures the right talent never slips away

About HulkHire


We have worked in IT industry for more than a decade. We have closely seen the pain of Recruiters, Hiring managers and developers.

On one side, we build such complex projects with ease. On the other side, getting the right talent on the floor is such a pain, nobody is addressing enough.

We are here now, and will make technical hiring easier for you.


Sourcing good talent from the market is not easy. Recruiters, Consultancies, Agencies, and Job Portals all dedicate their day and night to find talents and get them to participate in the hiring journey. However, not much effort is put into ensuring that all talents are getting a fair chance to prove their potential.

Standardizing the interview process is the most crucial part of hiring. Interviewers should build a healthy relationship with a candidate to understand what they are capable of doing. They should understand all the technical skills a candidate holds and how aware they are on technical standards, commitment towards projects, being a good team player and readiness to take up new challenges.

However, companies ask employees who are not professionally trained to interview to do them. This results in a poor candidate experiences, pissed off recruiters, and never closing open positions


All of our interviewers go through rigorous training to interview technical talent. They dig deep into the candidate experience and skillset.

What motivates them to go to work everyday? What they aspire to be in? What makes them happy at work?

HulkHire covers all aspects in interviews - technical knowledge, problem solving skills, coding skills, latest trend awareness, team relationships, dedication and commitment, taking initiatives. What they have already achieved and ff given the proper opportunity, what could they achieve in future.

Our interview process is stress-free for candidates and we provide an environment where candidates can truly be themselves. Our interviews do not start with resume. We believe in knowing the person.


  • Face-to-Face interviews with professionally trained and qualified interviewers
  • AI Video Interviews to shortlist candidates based on technical knowledge, not resume
  • Coding Assessments to shortlist candidates based on coding skills, not resume
  • MCQs to shortlist candidates based on technical knowledge, not resume
  • Application Tracking Portal - Candidates can schedule, reschedule and track application themselves
  • Reminders - Reminders to candidates over email and WhatsApp to ensure maximum conversion
  • 360 degree Feedback - Covering all aspects of candidate skillset that would help him perform on the floor
  • Hiring Questionnaire - To collect all candidate details like current salary, notice period, etc. which could be missing in resume
  • Integrations with Lever - No switching between portals. No need to remember additional credentials. All details directly in your Lever account.
  • Reporting and updates - Knowing how your hiring is going. How many candidates are able to crack the interview. All the reports you need could be accessed and downloaded easily
  • Identity Verification - You can also opt in for identity verification for candidates without any additional cost. This helps to ensure candidate is the person he claims to be.
  • Proctored - All our interviews happens in full screen mode and AI proctored. No unethical practices can take place, when we take the interview.
  • HulkHire interview are highly customizable and can be configured based on organization requirements.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to ensure maximum conversions
  • Upgrading interview format every month based on market trends


  • Right candidates don't get rejected, preventing elongated hiring cycles
  • Faster interview process, with the potential to close all rounds in a single day
  • Interview panel is available after office hours, ensuring constant availability
  • Maintaining a positive experience throughout the entire hiring journey
  • Efficient screening of good talent
  • Comprehensive scheduling, reminders, and detailed feedback
  • Fewer candidate dropouts due to efficient feedback and management system
  • More effective shortlisting based on specific skills.


  • Job positions will be filled more promptly, improving recruitment efficiency.
  • Suitable candidates will not face undeserved rejection, enhancing the fairness of the selection process.
  • Enhancement of developers' productivity, allowing them to focus more effectively on their core tasks.
  • Minimization of last-moment surprises, enabling smoother operations.
  • Around 30% decrease in HR workload, specifically in follow-up activities with developers.
  • Enhanced candidate experience resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • More effective shortlisting of candidates based on skill sets, ensuring only the most suitable candidates progress.

HulkHire features

Lever is a crucial and critical part of your hiring process. And we truly understand it. By integrating HulkHire with your Lever account, you can send HulkHire interviews invitations directly through Lever.

  1. A dedicated interview panel in Lever for every candidate
  2. Interview updates like scheduling, rescheduling, progress etc.
  3. Detailed feedback of every candidate directly in Lever
  4. Grade for every candidate
  5. Link to candidate comprehensive interview details - interview video, questions, answers, profile everything
  6. Score Tags on candidate - HULKHIRE: Gold Medalist, HULKHIRE: Silver Medalist, HULKHIRE: BRONZE Medalist

So no more switching between portals, no need to remember additional credentials. Get all interview updates in your own LEVER account.

HulkHire screenshots

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