Transform the way you screen candidates for high-volume jobs with structured AI chat interviews to check requirements, skillsets, and competencies giving you a curated shortlist right inside Lever.

About Hubert

Hubert helps high-volume recruitment teams automate the candidate screening to find the most promising candidates through structured competency-based, and data-driven AI chat interviews.

  • Automatically handle large volumes of job applicants
  • Reduce time-to-fill by over 50%
  • A great candidate experience (NPS of 8.3 for user experience)
  • All applicants are given the opportunity to present themselves at an interview
  • Data-driven hiring decisions through structured interviews
  • Reduce up to 80% of cost associated with candidate screening

Each applicant is invited to a chat-based interview with Hubert which is automatically analysed using state of the art AI technology and rated according to requirements. Recruiters are presented with a curated list sorted by score.

Hubert features

By using the Hubert integration you take control of your time. Hubert empowers recruitment teams to automatically engage candidates right when they apply with an immersive chat interview experience.

Available at any time and on any device, the interview not only checks and scores hard requirements, but also skillsets, and competencies.

Candidates are automatically shortlisted inside Lever for quick decision-making.

Hubert AI in Lever

Hubert screenshots

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