HireUp is a referral platform that engages your employees, helping you generate quality candidates while capturing key insights to help you grow your referral culture.

About HireUp

HireUp is an employee referral platform designed to give employees the best referral experience, while automating the referral program administration for recruitment teams.

Available on iOS, Android and Web Browsers, HireUp gives your employees the flexibility to make referrals at a time and place that suits them. With HireUp, employees can see all of your open vacancies and what the referral bonus for each role is. From there, they can refer a role to someone in their network with one click through any social channel they want. Once a candidate applies through this referral, HireUp will automatically keep the employee up to date throughout the application process, eliminating the “black-hole effect” often associated with traditional referrals.

HireUp has a range of additional engagement features such as gamification, referral campaigns, candidates endorsements and promoted referrals to help you boost and sustain referral engagement.

HireUp features

With just a few simple clicks, HireUp will fully connect your Lever account to your HireUp account. Once connected, HireUp will automatically pull your jobs from Lever into HireUp, and start advertising them to your employees.

  • Once a referred candidate applies to a role, HireUp will send all of the candidate’s information back to Lever for you to manage as normal.
  • As you progress the candidate through the application process, HireUp will keep the referrer up to date on the status of their referral (don’t worry, you can choose which stages the referrer sees!)
  • HireUp will also send referral endorsements to your Lever account to give you as much information on the candidate and why the employee made the referral.

HireUp screenshots

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