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HireRight is the premier global background screening and workforce solutions provider. We bring clarity and confidence to vetting and hiring decisions through integrated, tailored solutions, driving a higher standard of accuracy in everything we do. Combining in-house talent, personalized services, and proprietary technology, we ensure the best candidate experience possible. PBSA accredited and based in Nashville, Tenn., we offer expertise from our regional centers across 200 countries and territories in North America, Central America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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Power of our Lever HireRight Integration

Since 2018 Lever and HireRight have partnered together to provide a smarter approach to background screening. Our one step integration enables recruiters and hiring managers to request background and drug screens directly from within Lever. Status updates and results are displayed within the candidate profile creating an efficient environment for your recruiting team without leaving Lever. Our integrated solution offers a fast, simple, and intuitive user & applicant experience, allowing you to increase workforce productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and get more, high-quality hires.

Efficient - With real time status updates within Lever, your hiring team is kept up to date on a candidate’s background and drug screening package.

Customization – Business is not one size fits all, HireRight understands by offering fully customized background and drug screening packages to fit your business requirements.

Global Platform – HireRight offers a one platform global solution to worldwide customers.

Candidate Experience – Mobile enhanced candidate process makes the background and drug screening process is simple, fast, and easy to understand.

Compliance – Stay in compliance with the current and dynamically changing legal landscape. Adjudication, Pre-Adverse, Adverse, HireRight Analytics and Compliance Webinars. Experts in the industry – Over 30 years of background experience and a proud founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and PBSA US Council Committee Leadership Representative.

The HireRight integration needs to be set up by the Lever team. If you’re interested in using Lever’s integration with HireRight, please reach out to your point of contact, or contact support.

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