HireHunch helps you build your dream tech team 3x faster with its suite of technical assessment solutions.

About HireHunch

HireHunch empowers your company to leap ahead in the competitive tech landscape. Our advanced platform accelerates your hiring process by 3x, ensuring you secure top-tier tech talent before your competitors.

We offer a comprehensive suite of skill assessment solutions, a cutting-edge video interviewing platform, and our core offering of Interview as a Service where our panel of expert interviewers, drawn from industry giants and top-tier companies, guarantees unbiased and structured interviews. Their insights, combined with the robust feedback reports and video playback, provide a holistic view of candidates' strengths allowing you to make confident hiring decisions swiftly.

Join HireHunch and embark on a transformative journey. Together, we'll not only expedite your technical assessments but also elevate it to an art form that secures the brightest minds quickly. Your company's vision deserves the best, and that's precisely what HireHunch delivers.

HireHunch features

Lever users can leverage the entire suite of technical assessment solutions by HireHunch or some depending upon the plan subscribed to.

HireHunch offers a complete integration with Lever so users can work seamlessly between the two platforms.

Access HunchAssess

HunchAssess is a groundbreaking assessment platform designed to transform the way you evaluate talent.

  1. Recruiters can send skill assessments to the candidates without leaving Lever.
  2. Candidate's performance reports are pushed to Lever allowing recruiters to filter out the best candidates quickly.
Outsource tech interviews to HunchServe (Interview as a Service)

Companies can tap into HireHunch's pool of expert interviewers to handle initial tech rounds, freeing their core team to focus on strategic decisions. With HunchServe, you ensure quality, unbiased evaluations, saving time and resources.

  1. Recruiters can invite the candidates to schedule the tech rounds on their own without accessing the HireHunch platform.
  2. HunchServe finds the best matching interviewers for the candidate and schedules the interview
  3. Candidate goes through a structured and unbiased interview process.
  4. A detailed feedback report along with the interview playback is pushed to Lever for talent acquisition team's perusal.
Schedule Tech Interviews on HunchVue

With cutting-edge video technology coupled with coding and whiteboarding support, it transforms remote interviews into seamless, insightful conversations.

  1. Schedule tech interviews on HunchVue directly from Lever in a jiffy.
  2. Enhanced candidate and interviewer experience on a single unified platform for showcasing coding capabilities.
  3. Easy access to the interviewer's feedback for the candidate on the Lever
  4. Video recording of the interview available to the recruiters for debriefing and training purposes in the future

HireHunch screenshots

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