Matching high-potential talent to high-growth companies.

About HiredHippo

HiredHippo helps tech companies hire better quality talent by matching high-potential, diverse, verified top candidates that share a mutual interest and are vetted across 20+ attributes including skills, experience, location, salary, and personality.

High growth companies use HiredHippo to hire from over 30,000+ pre-verified candidates for sales, marketing, product, customer success, engineering and other mission-critical functions. We combine an intelligent matching backend with deep qualitative and quantitative candidate insights to help our clients make data-driven hiring decisions that result in (1.) reduced hiring time, and (2.) best-fit hires who stay with the company longer.

HiredHippo features

The HiredHippo integration with Lever syncs quality candidates from HiredHippo to Lever.

HiredHippo is a platform built to ease the recruitment process, and with this integration we have partnered to save you time and make the hiring process more seamless.

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