Hired Assessments

Hired Assessments

Hired.com brings you Hired Assessments to evaluate and identify better tech talent, faster. Save eng. hours, assess candidates remotely - in real time, reduce hiring bias, and scale your processes.

About Hired Assessments

Traditional resumes look backwards at a candidate's experience. On Hired Assessments, get real-world skill assessments upfront so you can have the insights you need to find a better fit, faster. Assess candidates' skills remotely with a free suite of customizable technical assessments. Run programming challenges in real-time or asynchronously, always with a complete coding playback.

Hired Assessments features

Integrate Lever with Hired to seamlessly connect with your existing workflow. The Lever ATS integration allows you to send out Challenges and LiveChallenges to candidates right from Lever. You can set up the integration in three quick and easy steps.

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