goldi is a free job board and video screening platform combined in one. On goldi, companies post their jobs for free, and receive unlimited 1-2 minute video applications from job seekers that have been uniquely created for each posted role.

About goldi

A goldi application includes both a video application and resume at the time of candidate submission. This allows companies to quickly screen for communication, presentation and other soft skills before beginning the interview process. Eliminating the need for unnecessary first interviews saves substantial company time and money that Recruiters have traditionally spent on first interviews.

After viewing the resume and short video application, Recruiters or Hiring Managers can either reject or begin the interview process with the applicant, eliminating the need for initial phone or video screens and speeding up the time to hire.

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goldi features

By connecting your Lever account with goldi, your public job posts will automatically be published on goldi, allowing for you to receive and review goldi video applications in your Lever dashboard.

In a link attached to your candidate/opportunity notes on Lever, you can review each candidate's 1-2 minute video application that they have created specifically for your role. Under Notes as below, you will find a link to view the candidate’s video application that doesn’t require any sort of sign up to goldi, allowing your recruiters to benefit from a much faster and authentic screening process..

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