Future Skill

Future Skill

Test and hire the best software developers with easy-to-use coding tests. Supporting 25+ programming languages.

About Future Skill

Hire the best software developers for your team with online coding tests. By screening candidates ahead of hire, you can streamline your recruitment process and deliver a fair experience to candidates - free from bias.

Why do IT recruiters use Future Skill?

Two kinds of coding tests in 25+ programming languages. Choose between programming challenges (Freecode) and theoretical tests (Multichoice).

Future Skill features

  • Easy to understand test reports with colour-coded icons and charts detailing the candidate's performance. Take a closer look at the code if needed.

  • A game-like quality that resonates with developers.

  • By building great teams, you can bring your own technology into the future.

  • The integration with Lever consists of;

  • Send out coding tests from the opportunity card on the Lever platform.

  • With automatic triggers, a test will be sent out when a candidate is moved from one stage to another in the recruitment process.

  • Access the test results from the candidate card.

Please note, our integration with Future Skill requires a Lever plan that allows for custom API key generation.

Future Skill

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