Hire for Diversity. Unite on Shared Values.

About Fortay

Hire Better, Fairer, Faster!

Fortay helps you objectively and confidently hire for culture and values alignment while reducing bias and increasing diversity.

Companies stress the importance of hiring for values alignment but find it incredibly difficult to do so fairly and accurately at scale. Fortay's leading candidate assessment solution helps you to build diverse values-aligned teams equitably while improving hiring efficiency. Their product brings your company values to life in a fair, objective, and data-driven approach that drives diversity and improves retention, team performance, and engagement.

Fortay features

The 3 things they are amazing at:

  • Equitable and data-driven company values matching
  • Lock top talent down faster (huge hiring efficiency)
  • Reduce bias and increase team diversity

Our customers experience:

  • 80% improvement in hiring efficiency between 50-100%
  • 1-4X improvement in the diversity of hires
  • 100% of Candidates feel a greater sense of belonging

How it Works:

  1. Personalize your Assessment With an assessment personalized to your company’s values, mindsets, and behaviors you’ll hire the right candidate who will add to your culture.

  2. Create your Cultural Fingerprint™ After your employees take the survey, Fortay analyzes the data and establishes a predictive baseline - your Cultural Fingerprint™.

  3. Efficiency at Scale With an ATS integration, deliver a seamless experience to candidates. Automatically assess unlimited candidates across all roles.

  4. Shortlist Top Diverse Talent With bias-reducing features objectively assess person-organizational values alignment and shortlist great talent.

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