Hire the right people, with proof to back it up. Play back and analyse your interviews so your team can make better hiring decisions quickly.

About Evidenced

The all-in-one interviewing experience with video calling, question templates, live timing and quick access bookmarks.

  • Post-interview reviews made easy with HD recordings, searchable transcript and events list.
  • Branded pre-call guidance so candidates can join the interview without technical issues.
  • See what your candidates really think with post interview surveys.
  • Deep dive into how your interviews and interviewers are performing.

Evidenced is everything you need, in one place, to run great interviews.

Evidenced features

The Evidenced<>Lever integration enables hiring teams to conduct interviews in Evidenced and submit interview decisions and feedback back into Lever. Candidates, Jobs and Team Members are all automatically imported from Lever to Evidenced to enable a seamless workflow.


Evidenced screenshots

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