As the global leader since 2011, we help you run a smart, data-driven referral program in just a fraction of the time you currently spend tracking referrals. Supercharge employee engagement in your program with gamification, campaigns, mobile referral tools, and more.

About EmployeeReferrals.com

Custom branded mobile/desktop referral portal

Employees and candidates feel right at home on your branded referral portal. Trust and corporate image are maintained throughout the entire experience.

  • Your logo
  • Your URL
  • Your colors
  • Multi-brand support
  • Your videos
  • Your photos
  • Dozens of additional customizations
  • Text engagement/text referrals

Your employees use their phones as their primary device for everything. They increasingly prefer text communication, rather than email. Through the power of your very own virtual referral assistant, we offer your employees a seamless mobile-first referral experience so you can meet and engage employees wherever they are.

  • Engage your employees with prizes, raffles, games and more
  • Leaderboards drive friendly competition
  • Tiered rewards offer larger prizes for more participation
  • Drag-and-drop email editor with dozens of templates makes launching your campaign a snap
  • Analytics help you assess the value of your efforts
  • Recruiter Chrome extension

Your recruiters can contact candidates and employees right from inside our platform.

Our platform provides recruiters with everything they need to work their referrals, including endorsements, resumes, and previous contact attempts.

Real-time notifications

Passive talent pool of referred candidates and LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn’s advanced search tool identifies which connections may be a good fit. The app can help pre-fill LinkedIn search parameters with a given job’s location, title, and keywords.

Actionable Analytics

Run a data-driven referral program with our actionable analytics. Ensure employees, candidates, recruiters are engaged. Here are a few highlights:

  • Referrals, applicants, hire data displayed over time, across departments and across regions
  • Visitor data broken down by location, device type, and more
  • Referral funnel showing candidate and hire conversion rates
  • Recruiter analytics showing which recruiters are actively contacting their referrals
  • Data broken down by Regions, Departments, Divisions, Sectors, Industries, Districts, and more
  • Email open and click-through rates
  • Professional Services

We are your partner and offer assistance for all things that relate to the employee referral program. We can assist you with:

  • Best practices
  • Sample policies
  • Marketing content creation
  • Campaigns and employee engagement
  • Automated candidate status updates via email and text
  • Automated social sharing
  • Facebook Careers page
  • Training video creation
  • Rewards distribution
  • Slack Integration

We do it all! Hit the ground running by plugging into a system that works.

EmployeeReferrals.com features

The EmployeeReferrals.com integration with Lever will automatically sync jobs on Lever with your dedicated employee portal on EmployeeReferrals.com. This will allow your employees to be engaged and make referrals to your jobs.

Once referrals are made, the integration will sync the referred candidates to Lever. Any progress updates will be visible to employees on EmployeeReferrals.com

The integration assists in automating the hires tracking and rewards distribution.

EmployeeReferrals.com screenshots

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