Text candidates and employees from anywhere in your recruiting & HR stack while keeping everything synchronized with Lever.

About Emissary

1-to-1 Texting - Send text messages to candidates and employees directly from Lever with one click. Or, start a texting conversation on any web based recruiting tool you use, then automatically synchronize the transcript back to the matching Lever candidate profile.

Text Campaigns - Create large text recruiting and HR campaigns that reach hundreds or thousands of recipients instantly. Scheduling, templates and personalization make outreach at scale easy and effective.

Recruiting Chatbots - Automate repetitive tasks with conversational Al and transform organizational efficiency. Screen candidates, schedule interviews and more via text message, freeing your team for other work.

Message Templates - Standardize your recruiters' conversations with texting templates. Save time while ensuring that best practices and employment branding and other guidelines are applied consistently across the organization.

Triggers & Automation - Trigger text messages automatically based on candidate stage and other custom variables. Create custom automations driven by your own workflow and guidelines to move prospects through the pipeline from initial contact to hire quickly and seamlessly.


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