AI-based smart candidate engagement and screening platform accelerating Scientific and Scalable Hiring


COGBEE is an AI-powered smart candidate engagement and screening platform that has the ability to transform the recruitment and talent management at organizations of various scales. The platform helps build winning teams using objective and multi-dimensional data-based hiring decisions.

The COGBEE Platform offers:

  • A collection of engaging assessments in a simulated work environment, each specifically crafted for a wide variety of positions and industries
  • Continuous candidate evaluation with pre-built assessments covering 300+ IT skills
  • Video and on-demand structured interviewing
  • Reliable evaluation techniques and remote proctoring
  • Automated assessment invitations to multiple candidates
  • Hassle-free client and candidate experience

COGBEE features

With the COGBEE-Lever Integration, Lever users can now enjoy:

  • Applicant engagement and assessment Initiated from within the Lever Platform
  • Real-time feedback on the assessments in the LeverTRM platform
  • Flexible AI-powered procedures with the potential for maximum scalability and a dedicated 24/7 support team
  • Access results directly on their Lever Candidate profile
  • Reduced hassle with a streamlined live and on-demand virtual screening and interviewing process
  • Customized assessment packages, reduced cost with accelerated recruitment productivity, industry-best turnaround time and standardized processes


COGBEE screenshots

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