About CodinGame

Evaluate developers' technical skills using CodinGame Screen to quickly and efficiently shortlist candidates. Set up unbiased programming tests in 60 seconds.

CodinGame features

GAMIFIED TEST SESSIONS - Challenge developers with real-life, game-based programming problems that provide for great candidate experience. 

  • Reduce test anxiety 
  • Provide outstanding candidate experience 
  • Measure creativity and strategic thinking 

CANDIDATE SHORTLISTING - Candidates are automatically ranked and benchmarked according to their coding skills. 

  • Get clear and shareable test reports 
  • Save time with our reliable ranking algorithm 
  • Position candidates’ skill level compared to other developers in their field 

CODE PLAYBACK TECHNOLOGY - Get a better understanding of how a candidate thinks and codes with a screencast replay of their coding session. Get insights on: 

  • How a candidate built their algorithm  
  • When they left the environment 
  • When and what they pasted from external sourc

CodinGame screenshots

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