Checkr powers people infrastructure for the future of work. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, our solutions make background checks faster, easier, and more compliant.

About Checkr

Automate your employment screening workflow with the Lever-Checkr integration. Configure and trigger Checkr background checks from within Lever for any candidate, based on the trigger stage you set.

Checkr features

Candidate Experience: Make the process of signing an offer letter and completing a background check seamless, intuitive, and clear. Checkr offers candidates a self-service portal and access to our U.S.-based candidate experience team with both email and phone support.

Fully online process: There is no need for paperwork or time-intensive manual processes. Businesses initiate checks and get results all in Freshteam. Candidates fill out information and complete forms in an online mobile-friendly experience.

Automation: To ensure both accuracy and speed, we use machine learning to validate identity, provide accurate estimated turnaround times, and interpret the nature of findings on a report.

Built-in compliance: We’ve built in all regulatory compliance elements related to hiring with background checks directly into the product so you don’t have to worry about it.

Experts in the background check industry: All of our employees are PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) certified, meaning we know the ins and outs of running a background check.

The Checkr integration needs to be set up by the Lever team. If you’re interested in using Lever’s integration with Checkr, please reach out to your point of contact, or contact support.

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