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Ceridian Dayforce

About Ceridian Dayforce

The Lever - Ceridian Dayforce business process automation allows your teams to work together and provide an exceptional candidate and employee experience that spans systems. The business process integrations allow you to have access to the right information in Lever to hire with confidence and the essential information in Ceridian Dayforce to onboard new employees effectively in a few different methods.

Ceridian Dayforce features

Ceridian Dayforce Sync

  • Sync candidates identified as “Hired” from Lever to Ceridian Dayforce.
  • Customize Ceridian Dayforce workflow and sub-processes for multiple hire types: New Hire, Rehire, and Internal Transfer
  • Customize mapping and mapping logic of standard fields and user property fields from Candidate, Application, Requisition, Job Posting, and Offer.
  • Synced information typically includes pre-hire, contact, role, onboarding policies, work assignment details.

Ceridian Dayforce Master Data Sync

  • Ability to customize when, how, and what Ceridian Dayforce data, such as Position, Role, Job, Department, and Location is synced to Lever to drive requisition creation and/or other customer-specific use cases.

*Due to the specialized nature of this integration, additional fees and setup are required. Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage Ceridian and Lever together!

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