Send your candidates Byteboard interviews and review recommendations without leaving Lever

About Byteboard

Evaluate candidates across 20+ software engineering skills as they work through a small time-boxed project that simulates real-life asynchronous work. The Byteboard assessment is a project-based take-home interview where candidates work on the technical requirements and coding implementation to solve a problem in a real-world context.

Byteboard features

The Byteboard integration with Levers allows users to:

  • Invite a candidate directly from Lever
  • Review a candidate’s Byteboard results directly from Lever

You will not need to visit to input candidate outcomes (Next Steps and Offer Status), which allows our team to seamlessly recalibrate your recommendations and offer you metrics on your hiring process with Byteboard.

This is a specialized integration that is built, managed, and supported by the Byteboard team. If you would like more information or help with this integration, please contact Byteboard

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