Behavioural assessments powered by psychology and AI to predict the success of candidates in your organisation.

About AssessFirst

AssessFirst is powered by behavioural science and A.I. technology, which eliminates bias so you can make the best decisions in recruiting, managing and developing your people.

AssessFirst was designed to offer a reliable, innovative and practical solution that allows you to collect useful, quality information about people.

Our solution also offers multiple modules for dealing with both recruitment and internal employee development.

AssessFirst features

AssessFirst allows companies to discover who their candidates or employees really are, beyond their CV, through:

  • Person's behaviour test: SHAPE
  • Motivation test: DRIVE
  • Cognitive ability test: BRAIN

AssessFirst makes hiring more data-driven: with the unlimited scale of behavioural assessments and AI that was once reserved for only the biggest employers headhunting the most senior positions.

Automatically trigger modern behavioural assessments to your applicants. Distributing our tests against the AI-assisted profile benchmarks, easily and accurately predict the success of your candidates immersed in your unique company culture.

Candidate predictive scores and in depth reports are available within Lever to enable you to make scientifically valid and informed decisions at speed throughout your hiring proce

It's reliable. It's simple. It works

ASSESSFIRST: Recruit personalities, not resumes.

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