Efficiently build successful, equitable teams with Cangrade’s AI-based Pre-Hire Assessment

About Cangrade

Identify the candidates who will succeed and stay with Cangrade. Cangrade’s data-driven approach to hiring predicts applicant success up to 10x more accurately than any other method, bias-free. Our Pre-Hire Assessment instantly predicts your next superstar hires, without bias. Then our AI technology generates targeted Structured Interview Guides and Video Interviews based on candidates’ assessment results.

To help you build an engaged workforce post-hire, our Retention Forecast identifies the candidates who are not only highly qualified but are most likely to stay. And our Success Models pinpoint the motivations of your team and provide development opportunities beyond onboarding with our Workforce Development tools.

Cangrade features

Job Description Decoder - Identify the softs skills your candidates need to succeed, for free. Our Job Description Decoder shares what soft skills to look for, interview questions to help you identify them, and language to include in your job description so you attract qualified candidates.

Pre-Hire Assessments - Efficiently screen talent Measure 50 traits in 14 minutes on desktop or mobile. For each candidate, your Success Model generates a Fit Score based on their likelihood to succeed in that particular role. Our simple, color-coded talent pipeline interface and insightful reports then help you focus on your most promising candidates.

Structured Interview Guides - Objectively rate potential hires Set your team up for objective hiring decisions and save them time. Once Cangrade has built your Success Model, it will automatically generate bias-free, personalized structured interview questions.

Video Interviews - Find the best fit, remotely Create a bias-free, remote-friendly interview experience by having candidates pre-record video responses to your Structured Interview Guide. Then let your hiring teams review, collaborate, and comment when it works for their schedules.

Employee Retention - Identify the candidates who will stay. Our Retention Forecast feature measures your employee engagement levels. Our AI then uses this data to predict which candidates in your pipeline are most likely to stay engaged. So you reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time.

Onboarding - Turn new hires into top performers Leverage candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment competencies and development priorities to customize your onboarding materials. Then easily upload and assign learning paths with our e-learning tool.

Upskilling - Strengthen and engage your workforce Assess the strengths and development priorities of your workforce against your Success Model. Then leverage our coaching tips, motivations, and e-learning to upskill your workforce and track the results.

Employee Mobility - Make smart moves Identify the right fit for lateral moves and promotions using assessments. Assess potential fits, identify training needs, and leverage coaching tips to set employees up for success in their new role.

Cangrade Benefits

  • Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments measure more than 50 psychometric variables in 14 minutes up to10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods.
  • Narrow down your pool of applicants quickly, objectively, and more accurately than any traditional hiring method. And give recruiters more time to conduct more in-depth and effective interviews, backed by AI-generated, targeted Structured Interview Guides.
  • Identify the candidates who are not only highly qualified but are most likely to stay using Cangrade’s Retention Forecast. Then leverage the insights from our Motivations and Fit Score to find the perfect fit for your team, and provide development opportunities beyond onboarding with our Workforce Development tools.
  • Eliminate bias from your hiring process so that your organization can build a diverse and inclusive team. Our solutions were engineered to be free of adverse impact on any group.
  • Systematize remote talent acquisition and management. Cangrade’s solutions cover hiring through retention, from pre-hire assessments and video interviews to remote onboarding, upskilling, and promotions.
  • Anchor hiring to your organization’s KPIs and employee engagement. Cangrade’s Success Model analyzes current employee personality attributes and performance data to predict the candidates most likely to be your top performers.
  • Create a great applicant experience. Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessments provide your candidates with meaningful feedback they can use to learn and grow. This helps build your talent brand as a prospective employer.
  • Increase employee success and happiness. Cangrade tracks motivations, skill gaps, and job satisfaction so you know where to focus your training efforts with current employees. We then have a suite of ready-made Workforce Development content and tools that can be tailored to your needs.


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